Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

I was just reading a blog post by Amanda Hocking which can be seen here, titled “The Lost Art of Blogging,” and it got me thinking.

What she says is spot on. Blogging indeed has lost out to Tweeting and Facebooking and Tumbling and Pinning and goodness knows what else. It’s because the identity of the world wide web has transformed. Not long ago, the internet was the refuge of those socially handicapped; hackers and geeks keying away in dingy, dark rooms plotting something nefarious just because I love how that picture looks in my mind’s eye.

I remember when I was in school somewhere in 2002 or 2003 we were asked to create a blog in the then rather drab Blogger.com and update it regularly with whatever the Muse blessed or unblessed our blossoming little minds back then. A friend who fit into the above mentioned, socially handicapped terrain found this to be quite a blessing. Before long she was all over Myspace chatting with people halfway across the globe. For someone like me who had yet to succumb to the wondrous wiles of the web, this was a most disturbing and strangely unforgettable incident.

Credits to 4chan on Tumblr

I observed her as she created a whole new identity on Myspace that did not seem anything like the slightly overweight, hot-tempered individual hunched hypnotically over the keyboard beside mine. The alter-ego on her Myspace page was cheerful, slapdash, funny and full of witty comments. Even her blog, that had a mean, sarcastic edge to it mourning, as teenagers do, about the unfairness of school, parents and the monochromeness of life itself was a fun read. The jokes were black but the content was alive, something you don’t get anymore in the washed out world of 140 characters. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m an obsessive Tweep. I can’t survive without tweeting about my survival.)

The change of identity has taken from the internet its closed, secretive pixie dust. Now out in the open, the internet is no longer a haunt for the greasy haired, anorexic nerds.  Businessmen, presidents, even your hot, pink, Chanel mini dress wearing mum’s savvy with the net. That magic, that raw, emotional soulmusic kind of writing that comes straight from the heart, no filtering, it’s gone now, replaced by what no one that loves artistry would ever call  prose.

Which is why I decided to come back to blogging. Real, unplanned, stream-of-consciousness blogging and try to protect this dying art that reminds me of my friend, her alter-ego and those good old days filled with Avril Lavigne’s heartrending, real music…


Let me know what you think :)

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