Hunger Games Fan Art

With all the hype about how fantastic the Hunger Games movie was and how Jennifer Lawrence did not destroy the revered Katniss in our minds, I thought it is only right that we explore the art that fans of the brilliant dystopian series written by Suzanne Collins have been inspired to conceive.  It will also serve as a distraction for those of us (especially Sri Lankans who must wait until the movie comes out on DVD, a.k.a me!) who must wait longer to get our eyeballs around this epic piece of cinema. has been a haven for artists since it was first formed and is full of wonderful people who are friendly, helpful and complete geeks. I myself am grateful to this site which is full of the most beautiful works of art as well as some good friends that kept me company during some troubled times of my life. All the pictures you see here are from deviantart. You can view my own page here

Without further ado, I give you, The Rookie Teacher’s Top Ten Hunger Games Fan Art.

#10 - Peeta the Bread Boy by llefto

Aww… Isn’t he just nom nom eatable? You can view this image and more at llefto’s gallery.

#9 Katniss by cute-loot

Plenty of cute? Try cute-loot.

#8 Katnis cosplay VandorWolf

More Katniss cosplay at VandorWolf’sgallery.

Note: – This image is no longer available. Sorry about that 😀

This guy actually got to work on the Hunger Games!! Jealous!! Rhall.

#6 Katniss and Peeta - Martyr by cloudninja9

Brings out in monochrome my favourite scene in the book! Check out more on cloudninja9’s gallery.

#5 Effie Trinket cosplay by fluorescence911

She claimed she was just playing around. But this is one of those “Oh wow!” cosplay moments. Fluorescence911 is a great artist too!

Where would this Fan Art roundup go without a dash of our beloved boys? Move over Mr. Cullen, Mr. Black because here come…

#4 Peeta and Gale by cloudninja9

Oh yummy mummy! Where can we get some more of this meat and cake? You know where! 🙂

#3 Girl on Fire by martaiconan

Exquisite! She’s done another fantastic one called Mockingjay. Check out more on martaiconan.

And now, I present to you the top two, both by the same absolutely talented artist palnk from Chile.

#2 Katniss and Peeta in the arena by palnk


Numero Uno Katniss on Fire by palnk

And that concludes this rather long-winded and tiring compilation of the Rookie Teacher’s favourite Hunger Games artistry. She hopes you found it as satisfying as she.


4 thoughts on “Hunger Games Fan Art

  1. number one. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES
    number two. i really like these pictures, they display the story so well
    number three. thank you very much for sharing these 🙂
    keep smiling and have a great day

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