Manga Monday – Eureka Seven AO

In keeping with my newly revamped blogging, I decided to introduce, ‘Manga Monday’ posts that will discuss both anime and manga and maybe occasionally, Japanese live action drama. I am a huge otaku, and manga and anime play a huge influence in my life, sating my adoration of manga artistic styles and fueling my imagination.

Ao and Naru

My very first Manga Monday post will talk about an anime I just watched called Eureka Seven AO. It’s a mecha anime, which you could define as science fiction in Japanese, featuring robots and advanced cyborg and technology mixed with normal human culture. Eureka Seven AO is the latest installment in the Eureka Seven series which is an anime TV series by Bones.

“Ao Fukai is a 13-year-old boy living in the year 2025 in Okinawa on the island of Iwato Jima with Dr. Toshio Fukai ever since Ao’s mother disappeared 10 years ago. When a mysterious organization attacks the local Scub Coral, Ao somehow gets mixed up in the battle and manages to activate a mysterious robot called the Nirvash while it is being transported by the Self-Defense Forces, even though no one has been able to activate the Nirvash before.” – Wikipedia

Having completed the first episode, I immediately loved the setting and the fantastical elements involved. The anime is very much a mecha story in the way it is presented but caught my attention because of the brilliant action scenes that were displayed in picturesque location on the island of Iwato Jima. The protagonist, Ao Fukai is called gaijin or foreigner  by many of the characters, though I don’t know why this is. He is rather undeveloped so far but the mystery surrounding his mother shows appeal. Also, his friendship with his ailing neighbour Naru is tender and he genuinely cares for her, running all the way up the mountain after the initial explosion to make sure she was okay.

Overall, it is definitely an anime I’m going to keep following especially since the imagery has given me so many ideas of developing my own story lines.


Let me know what you think :)

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