Judging Books by their Covers

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Artwork by Jason Chan

Yesterday, was the cover reveal for the new Japanese-inspired steampunk novel, Stormdancer by Aussie writer Jay Kristoff. So naturally, being otaku and all, I rushed to check it out!

After reading all about it on Tor.com, – full article can be found here – I now can’t wait to read it, not, because of the brilliant storyline or the fact that it is Japanese, but because of the intricate work of art the book cover is!

It got me thinking, about how we really do judge books by their covers and how it is possible that I might pass up my next favourite novel, just because, I didn’t like the cover art.

What if it was the one book that could change my destiny?! Oh noes!!

All pretend drama queening aside, inspired by this sudden fascination over book covers, I now give you a list of books that I judged by their covers and how I felt after reading what was inside.

1. Witch and Wizard – James Patterson

The title was a beacon.

“Come to the dark side,” it said to me. “We have chocolate frogs!”

How could I say no to that fiery W on the cover? Or the fact that it was about wizards and suchlike!

I’ll say this, James Patterson is a brilliant writer. This book and its sequels, not so much…

2. The Wizard Heir – Cinda Williams Chima

I didn’t judge this book by it’s cover and am so glad because the story within is one epic fantasy written in wonderful prose that fleshes out the unnaturally powerful wizard Seph McCauley and his buff warrior cousin Jack Swift who are larger than life and worth salivating over.

Chima needs someone to create a set of covers for this trilogy that will embody the magic she entralls readers with. I will now stop gushing…

3. Lost Voices – Sarah Porter

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This cover hooked me faster than a glimpse of Leonard Nimoy would turn any self-respecting Star Trek fan into a stalker! The story did not disappoint either. Porter’s heroine Luce is tragic and her tale, frighteningly dark. But the sweeping descriptions and the poised recital of the terrible acts commited by both human and mermaid alike make this a wonderful tale, rather grim like the movie Sucker Punch, but breath-taking.

4. The Clockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare

Steampunk wonder filled with avenging angels, ancient curses, a gutsy but despicably naive American girl in  beautifully gritty Victorian London. Also, if you’ve already met William Herondale, Esq., who graces the cover, you’ll realise how well the artist has captured his drop-dead gorgeousness and air of mystery. One of the most heart-rending love triangles known to man, or fantasy novel junkie, this is definitely a keeper. The only disappointment was Book Two.

Jem’s face can be seen you insensitive morons! I want to be able to imagine what such a beautiful boy should look like!!!

5. Airman – Eoin Colfer

Is it me or does the blondie on this cover look a bit like Tom Felton? (drool)

This cover is one of my favorites. It complements the swashbuckling adventure in a fantastic way and though Conor Broekhart is not famous like Artemis Fowl, he is every inch a hero who faces tragedy and discovery in a brilliant book filled with derring do, steampunk inventions and a beautiful princess. This is a non-magical standalone by Irish fantasy author extraordinaire, Eoin Colfer and if you haven’t read it then I suggest you do, right now!

See my board on Pinterest for more wonderful book art that inspire reader and writer alike!


Let me know what you think :)

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