Review Wednesday – Fever Crumb

As of today, until I come across something equally enjoyable, Fever Crumb is my most favourite book!

That’s a pretty big commitment coming from someone who treats fantasy novels as an extent of her own being, but it is true. I am completely blown away by Philip Reeves’ first book in the prequels to the famous Mortal Engines quartet which tells the story of rational and bald-headed apprentice Engineer Fever, a girl of fourteen who had been adopted into the Guild of Engineers at a time when women are considered less, intelligent creatures.

All Fever knows is what she’s been told: that she is an orphan. Is Fever a Scriven? Whose memories does she hold? Is the mystery of Fever, adopted daughter of Dr. Crumb, the key to the secret that lies at the heart of London?

Read the rest of this review at Fantasy Book Review.

by David Wyatt

Let me know what you think :)

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