A Sudden Surge in Creativity

River Rapids by joshietakashima.deviantart.com

This is not a planned post, just something I’m writing in a frenzy as I take a break from my third short story.

After a long dry spell in my writing, I have come across a sudden surge in creativity! Ideas are flowing out like the baddest of them West Coast hurricanes and washing up all sorts of writerly goodness on the shores of my imagination!

If fact, the urge to write is so powerful, I’m betting I’ll finish every sentence in this short, exuberant post with friggin exclamation marks!!!

Here’s three more of em!!!

Which has me wondering. What the heck is this?

I’m not complaining, heaven forbid, but where are these ideas coming from and what am I doing write… uh… right?

It’s not like I’m sure any of these ideas are IT, THE BOMB, JACKPOT et Sherbang, but there used to be a time I would have to imagine ‘hard’ just to make a story work and that is one story at a time!

Then again, there were times when my mind was being repeatedly shelled with half-assed ideas that died faster than a Jonas brother in a room full of cougars and left me feeling extremely, miserable. And I mean miserable in manga-like proportions!


So let’s review, in a small scale, what the heck I have been doing these days, that may have triggered this gallons of creative vomit situation.

  1. I consume more manga than before and in diverse genres.
  2. I have, what Laini Taylor would call, “The Idea Notebook.” – When an idea comes to me, I scurry towards my notebook and just jot it down, line after line, word after word. The end product would read like a fantasy grocery list, cut and chopped in a manner that would drive my neat-freak primary school teachers to remote locations of rest and therapy.
  3. I eat alot! – No, it’s true! If you saw me, weighing under 50kgs as I am you would deliver scoffs worthy of Tyrion Lannister, but I speak truth. I eat like a pig and I ain’t afraid to say so!
  4. I wake up earrrrrrly morning, (fine 5.30 am, but that’s earrrly for me) and run for an hour – and during this run with music jamming my eardrums, I pretend that I am a rockstar and there is an audience bigger than several packed Tokyo Domes singing my songs back to me other than just my dog, our man-eating hens and some constipated-looking squirrel pups.   tumblr_inline_mg48rdz4wu1qb5n0g
  5. I build playlists – to everything! This has been a (rather disturbing to others) hobby of mine since Secondary School where I’d wrap a memory up in a song and sometimes, break into song and dance to express myself. (Later on, I learned that it’s only okay to do that if you’re Zac Efron.) ImageBut seriously, I make playlists to all my stories, even if the story is a vague pencil sketch in my mind and I play these when I’m thinking about a particular story and brainstorm and world build to a soundtrack.

So that’s about it.

I’m not kidding when I say I really want to find out how I have achieved this increase in production so I could keep doing what I am doing and one day rule the universe, um… publish a living, breathing, in-the-freaking-flesh-yo book!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (More of em!! Enjoy!)

UPDATE – Oooohh!!! Soooo many likes!!! Thank you likers!! I love you so much so I’m exclaiming!!!!!

tumblr_inline_mft0l8hIto1rbep35  tumblr_m2nfyevp1M1r5qh6u

Baby, I luurrve me some likers ;)
Baby, I luurrve me some likers 😉

7 thoughts on “A Sudden Surge in Creativity

  1. Your quirkiness is through the roof, dude. This is honestly one of the best posts I’ve read. So many exclamation marks… so much oddness and manga-loving.
    I am in your debt.
    er… I am in your debt!!!!!!!!!!

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