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So once again, I was tagged by no one, but I saw this tag on The Quiet People and felt a dying urge to do it.

I dunno if the people I tag are writers, but you don’t have to be working on a bran spanking 19 books in a series and another 345 after the end shorties to be one. If you look at it this way, all readers are writers. It’s inevitable.

Mish @ Chasing Faerytales

Nuz @ Word Contessa

Zena @ Cinderzenablogs

Ranu @ Araliya Bookshelf

Lady Gabbsterville ๐Ÿ˜‰ @ So We Read This Book


Write Fuel // What Do You Eat-Drink While Writing?

When I’m writing, I don’t know night from day, mealtimes; I don’t often recognise my own baby brother. So no eating.

But coffee.

Lots of coffee.

Write Sounds // What Do You Listen to While Writing?

Epic instrumentals on 8tracks, like this one which is such a doozy!

Write Vice // Whatโ€™s Your Most Debilitating Distraction?

My voice.

More often than not, I write with Evil Dashie in her red leotards and Adele eyeliner sitting cross-legged on my shoulder, poking my ear with her custom made pitchfork, drawling, ‘The hell is all this poppycock, girl? You should try something less creative, like scuba diving in the Sahara mid July!’

Write Horror // Whatโ€™s The WORST Thing Thatโ€™s Ever Happened To You While Writing?

Does leaving kettles, water pumps and the iron on count?

Because I do it all the time and as my Mum rushes to exercise damage control, she yodels that I told her I’ll keep an eye on it.

I may also have promised Kylo Ren a sterling silver monogrammed handle for his light saber.

Write Crew // Who Do You Communicate With (OR NOT) While Writing?

I have three friends I send regular chapters to, just to know if I’m conveying this iMAX 4D awesomely cinematographed monstrosity in my head as it is into paper, but lately I feel like that is the wrong thing to do.

I get hung up on what they liked (S’right babe, I’m a genius! *preens*) and overanalyse what they didn’t. (I’m a fraud, I’m a failure! *pitches from the top of the Empire State Building*)



Writing Secret // Whatโ€™s Your Secret To Success (Or Hidden Flaw?)

Pfft. Success?

I’d rather make a list of failures. (It will take all night and then some!)

But I’m a positive butterfly so I will tell you the secret to my writing success instead.


And the ability to spin all that ugly into a tale.

… … …


Write-spiration // What Always Makes You Productive?

Good books.

Well written books.

Books that make me go:

Most recently, Victoria Schwab.ย โ™ฅ

Write Peeve // Whatโ€™s One Thing That Writers Do (or You Do!) Thatโ€™s Annoying?

When they put romance in there, and suddenly nothing else matters and everything is solved.

I’m reading The Sin Eater’s Daughter right now and I am flummoxed I tell you!

Write Words // Share One Sentence From A Project


Ok. What to choose. What to choose… *paces relentlessly*

She suspected that if she surprised him at three in the morning he would be well dressed enough to attend a ball, his hair parted to the side and tamed with pomade.

Yet there was dirt underneath his nails, his fingers calloused; a pattern of lambent blue burns convoluted up the back of his hand and wrist, disappearing into the embroidered sleeve of his jama.

She watched the fingers now as he raised his left hand in front of his face, going cross-eyed as he peered at a bit of loose skin in the corner of his thumb.

โ€˜Did you tell the attendant I smell like a horse?โ€™

He gnawed at his thumb. โ€˜Who? Kala?โ€™

WIP, 2016 June 13

I cheated.

Rather than a sentence, I gave you a passage because I kinda like this passage.

Go forth and write and tag, my fellow smithys!

Dashie ๐Ÿ™‚


Let me know what you think :)

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