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How about Malik? For the last two link ups, I wrote about the other two of my three main characters; Ruka and Nadim, so it’s only right the poor Prince gets his turn in the limelight.

Quick background blurb: Malik ibn Mashood is the Crown Prince of Silahn and the titular Sleeping Prince. He’s your gender-bent damsel-in-distress if you will, but if you’re expecting him to stay in a coma the whole book and get paid, you are dead wrong.


I. What is their first childhood memory?

One of the kitchen boys had laughed at him for being so small, saying that he would never take orders from a ‘King I have to look down at.’ Malik had felt weak and stupid and couldn’t think of a retort when Ruka had come from behind and punched the big kitchen boy repeatedly on his nose until it crunched and forced him to kneel and beg forgiveness ‘from his future king.’



II. What were their best and worst childhood experiences?

Best childhood experience was everyday with his best friend Ruka, running wild and unchecked throughout the city and its beaches.

Worst childhood experience was Ruka leaving and then slowly getting out of touch with him.

III. What was their childhood home like?

They lived in the Rust Palace on the top of an incline facing off a sheer cliff in Jaffa the capital city of Silahn. The whole palace was open to Ruka and Malik, no one (at least visibly) chaperoned them and they would play havoc and steal everything eatable from the Great Kitchens. Malik’s room, was spacious and open to the windy ocean.


IV. What’s something that scared them as child?

The first time Malik was kidnapped he was too small and recovered too fast to even remember it. The second time, he was utterly terrified and worst of all he could not depend on Ruka. (for reasons I cannot mention)

V. Who did they look up to most?


Despite her being younger than him (by days) she always seems grown up and sure of herself and every bit a princess where Malik was not.

After she left, he decided that he needed to become the person she wanted him to be.


VI. Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?

Thanks to Ruka and her ravenous appetite, anything Malik didn’t like was forced down his throat anyway. But he did swear by the semolina cakes that the cook made with just the right dollop of hibiscus jam that looks like strawberries and tastes like roses.

But he drew the line at carrots. Yuck.

VII. If they had their childhood again, would they change anything?

He would stop Ruka from leaving. All this was because Ruka left and Malik didn’t do anything about it.

VIII. What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

Curious and wild, but too scared to do anything on his own. He did get into a lot of trouble because Ruka would lead him into the wrong place at the wrong time. But he always owned up to it an confessed that it was his fault, even though it was all Ruka.

IX. What was their relationship to their parents and siblings like?

Though Malik never knew his mother, he thought of her as a woman of good intent and loved her and missed her in his way.

He holds no grudge against his brother whose birth killed their mother, rather he chooses to believe that Nadim is a gift, a consolation for having lost one member of his family. He loves him deeply and realises that Nadim is going through a rough time and tries to be there for him as much as he can, despite his efforts being rebuffed.

He also loves his father and wants to do his duty to him, but at the same time he feels smothered by the burden he’s carrying as the heir to an incompetent King who somehow misses the little things in the grand scheme of things.

Even with Ruka. He was always the sidekick, but he adores her and even when she stopped replying to his letters he never forgot to send her a birthday card.


X. What did they want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?

A King that does right by his kingdom.

What will he become, though?


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Dashie J




  1. Omg your gif game was A+ I AM JUST LOVING ALL THE REACTION GIFS.😂 And ahhhhh Malik sounds really nice! I love that he cares about his little bro still and also his BFF. Best friends in books are my faaaavourite. I’M VERY GLAD HIS FAVOURITE FOOD IS CAKE TOO. I can get onboard with those kind of priorities.
    Thanks for joining in. 😀

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