what are you? // top 10 tuesday


Do you still write?

Why yes, yes I do. Do you still breathe?


I’ve been writing them since I was 10 years old, after reading as obsessively and continuously as I did, it seemed like the logical next step.

Because that’s how it usually happens, no?

You read and you read until that insatiable hunger leads you to try and put your own words down there in the quagmire of multitudes.

Perhaps, untold stories exist within us all, but only a seasoned reader knows how to pry them out from under her skin and set them loose in the wild.

Writing is pain.

It’s a dastardly, monotonous, life-force sucking dementor. It’s your own personal demon, that constantly sits on your shoulder breathing garlic breath in your ears, hissing, ‘What about a story about vampires, pirates, a one legged princess with the fascinating ability of turning soap bubbles into cake?’

A writer is a sucker and a slave to whimsy.

I started writing this post yesterday and actually read a fantastic piece by heroine-author V.E Schwab about publishing and masochism which you should go read.

And without getting further carried away, I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday by the wonderful folks at The Broke and the Bookish.

10 facts about me

me the reader

1.      I tend to not pick up a book just because I despise the cover

and nothing, not even constant reminders from the bookish community of how good the damn story is would make me pick it up. Nothing!


2.      I’m very rarely a 100% satisfied by a book nowadays

I don’t know if that is because:

  1. My tastes have improved.
  2. I’m getting crotchety in me old age
  3. The standard of good books has fallen

But either way, this is a very sad thing.


3.      Just because I like one work of an author does not mean I will like everything they write.

So if I tell you that so-and-so is an auto-buy author, that is saying something and you need to go read their groceries list!

4.      I prefer EPIC FANTASY

Over every. Other. Genre. Ever. Give me my sword and sorcery and I shall live on bread alone for the rest of me days.


me the writer

5.      My writing has gotten darker.

It’s probably a direct side effect of my recent personal traumas but I find that I prefer now to kill all my characters and leave the few living ones in states of utter despair and am slightly excited and a wee bit disturbed that I may be turning into an anti-heroine – or better still – an outright villain.


6.      I write great, organic characters

But terrible, loo-paper-grade plot.

me the bookstagrammer

7.      My photography skills have improved so much

Thanks to bookstagram that I am now obsessed with camera angles and cameras and the bloody rule of thirds and spend half my waking hours waxing poetic about aesthetic to any poor soul who’d lend an ear.


8.      My favouritest thing about bookstagram is when people reply to comments.

So seriously, all bookstagrammers take heed. Reply to your comments, every one of them, even if it’s just with an emoji. It’s why it’s such a beautiful community.


9.      I have a slight British accent and very many British quirks.


This is because:

  1. My Dad lived in England for a very long time and I grew up hearing about the state of the weather, making queues of one and phrases like, ‘Top of the morning to you!’ or ‘Jolly Good Show!’
  2. My only neighbour is an ex-seaman with a Yorkshire accent as thick as a calendar marking the days between Game of Thrones book releases.
  3. My favourite TV shows are Downton Abbey and Doctor Who. Often, after a marathon I find even I can’t understand myself speak.
  4. I am Sri Lankan. Cue the colonial influences and the tea worship.

10.  I have 1 cat, 3 dogs and 1 brother

Their names:

  1. Cat – Delilah Bard, the Once Theif, One Day Pirate aka Lila is a girl
  2. Dogs – Thiago Silva – boy; Yuuki – girl; Tobias aka Toby aka Tobio – boy
  3. Brother – Dakshaka – boy

That’s All Folks!

Dashie xx



5 thoughts on “what are you? // top 10 tuesday

  1. Horrible covers are TOTALLY the worst.😂 Although I will be persuaded to try them if people swear the book inside is glorious! and OMG SO MUCH BOOKSTAGRAM LOVE!!! I just adore it and am always planning what photos I need to take and thinking up new prop options and everything. IT’S SO MUCH FUUUUUN.
    And that is so awesome you have a British accent. 😉
    And doubly awesome that your cat is named Lila. 😂

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