#DAReadathon // TBR

#DAReadathon // TBR

Read at Midnight is hosting a readathon focusing on diversity and on voices books, which we should strive to bring to the foreground in 2017 and I hope with much anticipation to join it.

You can read more details on her blog.

It starts tomorrow!

On the 1st of January 2017 and continues until Sunday the 15th of January midnight. You can sign up on over at Read at Midnight.

If you’re participating don’t forget to use the hashtag #DAReadathon

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what i’m writing for nanowrimo // beautiful books

what i’m writing for nanowrimo // beautiful books

I am linking up with Cait and Sky’s Beautiful Books link – up to bring to you a basic introduction of the novel I have cooking for Nanowrimo 2016.


You can read all about Nanowrimo on their website, here and all about Beautiful Books here. If you’d like to ‘friend’ me go here and please do!! Writing is such a solitary job I need all the hugs, food and encouragement I can get!

what’s cooking?

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Review // Crooked Kingdom

Review // Crooked Kingdom

Warning: This review contains mild spoilers

“How many times have you told me you’re a monster? So be a monster. Be the thing they all fear when they close their eyes at night.”

The fantastic thing about Crooked Kingdom is that while it may not have been everything I wanted, it was everything that it needed to be.

Once again, it was driven forcibly off the edges of cliff by its wonderfully 3D characters, as Bardugo’s writing is wont to do. If Kaz was a monster in Six of Crows, then he was every bit more monstrous. And aside from him and Inej and in some broad strokes, Matthias, the other three crows had to face all kinds of demons that they’d been toying with at the end of Six of Crows and really bring the battle to the foreground.

If Six of Crows was the book of Kaz, Inej and Matthais, then Crooked Kingdom belonged to Nina, Jesper and Wylan.

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july book haul // birthday


How glorious to be able to do a book haul at the end of the month // I’d like to thank my parents for arranging for me to be born!!

Without further pathetic dramatics, let’s get right to the rather small, yet LIST of books I either bought or was actually given by angels, no less, I am so undeserving… *wails in Elvish*


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religious fanaticism // and why you’ve got it all wrong

this is a rant // apologies


WARNING: major spoiler for Alwyn Hamilton’s Rebel in the Sands. Read at your own risk.

I am religious.

I go to Church, I pray, I thank God for the good and fight Him about the bad; and although I’m not as pious and pure as I want to be, I try.

Because I believe.

Because I choose to believe and that phrase right there, ‘choosing to believe’ is what faith means.

You may say that you do not believe in the existence of God. Yet, this does not absolve you from having faith, from believing. You may choose to believe that the omurice you make is the greatest gift to mankind, and despite your family fleeing to the hills when you crack the eggs out, nothing will make you believe otherwise.

Faith… In your omurice.

I am a fanatic.

I am wildly enthusiastic about my fandoms. If you claim that you don’t find Harry Potter interesting, I will come after you with a blunt spear. Surprisingly, however, the previous statement will not bring the Terror Squad out on me after I’ve published this on the blog.

You will read it and you will nod in agreement that of course, anyone who doesn’t understand the phenomenon that is the Boy Wizard, must be indoctrinated… painfully.

Because you too, are a fanatic.

A fan.

You have your cult. It’s called a fandom.

You trade bizzare Supernatural gifs online after sundown.



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what are you? // top 10 tuesday


Do you still write?

Why yes, yes I do. Do you still breathe?


I’ve been writing them since I was 10 years old, after reading as obsessively and continuously as I did, it seemed like the logical next step.

Because that’s how it usually happens, no?

You read and you read until that insatiable hunger leads you to try and put your own words down there in the quagmire of multitudes.

Perhaps, untold stories exist within us all, but only a seasoned reader knows how to pry them out from under her skin and set them loose in the wild.

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