A standard Sri Lankan greeting for both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye,’ it means, ‘May you live long and healthy!’

Welcome to my blog.

Reading and writing is probably more important to me than eating and sleeping. (I lied. I do love eating!) This is a blog about mostly reading, writing and some other stuff if I have the time. I’m notoriously lazy and incapable of routine so do not expect weekly updates, or bloody uniformity, pardon my French.

I am actually hoping to turn this blog into a book blog since I recently started a Bookstagram and started spending money I don’t have on books! I may succeed or I may horribly, horribly fail. Wish me luck!

I am also working on two writing projects which I talk about more often on my Twitter, so follow me there if you are interest.

Yes, I can be overly dramatic at times. It’s this disease I have, called a wild imagination!

I blog because it’s as old fashioned and romantic as writing letters and using a typewriter and I hope I can chronicle my writing journey and tell you all about it, if you choose to listen…

Thanks for dropping by and…



14 thoughts on “Ayubowan

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