religious fanaticism // and why you’ve got it all wrong

this is a rant // apologies


WARNING: major spoiler for Alwyn Hamilton’s Rebel in the Sands. Read at your own risk.

I am religious.

I go to Church, I pray, I thank God for the good and fight Him about the bad; and although I’m not as pious and pure as I want to be, I try.

Because I believe.

Because I choose to believe and that phrase right there, ‘choosing to believe’ is what faith means.

You may say that you do not believe in the existence of God. Yet, this does not absolve you from having faith, from believing. You may choose to believe that the omurice you make is the greatest gift to mankind, and despite your family fleeing to the hills when you crack the eggs out, nothing will make you believe otherwise.

Faith… In your omurice.

I am a fanatic.

I am wildly enthusiastic about my fandoms. If you claim that you don’t find Harry Potter interesting, I will come after you with a blunt spear. Surprisingly, however, the previous statement will not bring the Terror Squad out on me after I’ve published this on the blog.

You will read it and you will nod in agreement that of course, anyone who doesn’t understand the phenomenon that is the Boy Wizard, must be indoctrinated… painfully.

Because you too, are a fanatic.

A fan.

You have your cult. It’s called a fandom.

You trade bizzare Supernatural gifs online after sundown.



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