Review // Crooked Kingdom

Review // Crooked Kingdom

Warning: This review contains mild spoilers

β€œHow many times have you told me you’re a monster? So be a monster. Be the thing they all fear when they close their eyes at night.”

The fantastic thing about Crooked Kingdom is that while it may not have beenΒ everythingΒ I wanted, it was everything that it needed to be.

Once again, it was driven forcibly off the edges of cliff by its wonderfully 3D characters, as Bardugo’s writing is wont to do. If Kaz was a monster in Six of Crows, then he was every bit more monstrous. And aside from him and Inej and in some broad strokes, Matthias, the other three crows had to face all kinds of demons that they’d been toying with at the end of Six of Crows and really bring the battle to the foreground.

If Six of Crows was the book of Kaz, Inej and Matthais, then Crooked Kingdom belonged to Nina, Jesper and Wylan.

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PBR: A Gathering of Shadows

You can’t really talk about A Gathering of Shadows, V.E Schwab’s sophomore title in The Shades of Magic trilogy without hearkening back to the first book.
When A Darker Shade of Magic came out, apparently, it took the world by storm. I only discovered it at the beginning of this year thanks to the wonderful and completely mad community of bookstagram.


Warning: there may be spoilers for ADSOM below here

While some reviews accused ADSOM of being very slow at the start, for me it was one fast cart ride from start to finish. Kell gripped me from the first two paragraphs and I was so infatuated I actually sighed like a lovelorn ninny when I finally came upon him after a few dozen pages of the infallible Lila.

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Picky Book Review:A Darker Shade of Magic


When I was a little girl, I devoured everything Enid Blyton had ever written but my favourite series was always The Mallory Towers.

No special reason, except that halfway through the first chapter I saw myself as Blyton’s heroine Darrell, and the rest was history.

I’ve come a long way from being nine-year-old Dashie wanting to grow up to be eighteen-year-old Darrell in St. Andrew’s University but the point remains,

a good character is the character that makes us want to be them.

Which is probably why I find myself having much affectionate feels towards my newest wordsmith crush Victoria Schwab, she of the bobby red hair and large rimmed spectacles and finger puppets who is an absolute joy for me to see everyday on Instagram.Β (Why yes I stalk her on a daily basis, it’s the 21st century we are no longer referred to as creepy, just fangirlish! Get with the times!)

Click on the image to be taken to my Bookstagram, you will not live to regret it!

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