Sometimes, I write.

Recently, I write so very much!

It’s how I cope, it’s how I try to release all the darkness and the rage that is inevitable when something painful happens…

Apparently, the hard truth is that everything informs your writing and the more experience you have in life; the highs, especially, unfortunately, the lows will colour every aspect of it.

Long story short; the more you suffer the better your writing will be. (At least it does for me…)


Where do you write, Dashie Poo?

Oh glad you asked.

I write on Wattpad. Mostly fanfiction and unedited, so dun judge, George!

And I have started writing 124565 stories, only one of which has been completed and published here.

My current WIP is a retelling of gender-bent Sleeping Beauty that is completely getting away from me!

More info coming soon…



Let me know what you think :)

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